Base: Part 2

Happy Friday guys!

I hope you are all having a fabulous start to springtime! Whether your start to spring involves some warm weather, some rain, some gardening, or just some spring cleaning, make the most of it and have fun!


Let’s dive right into this week’s lesson. We left off with the different finishes and coverages for base, and now we’ll move on to different types of base.

Base really divided into 3 general formulas: Liquid, cream, and powder. These all have subcategories based on your coverage and finish needs. Each of these subcategories will also have something based on your skin needs (i.e. different versions of each to fit a different skin type). Liquid foundation tends to be the most popular, as it’s really tailored to so many different skin types and skin needs. Liquid breaks down a little something like this:

  • Tinted Moisturizer: this is your sheerest coverage, so this has the least amount of pigment. Tinted moisturizers are really meant for hydration and sun protection, and to even out your skin tone a little bit. You can definitely build these to increase coverage, but only so much, because they provide more hydration than anything. I still recommend wearing a moisturizer with this, though if you’re oily, you can probably just get away with a tinted moisturizer alone. This is great for something quick in the morning, when you’re just running errands, or if you’re just not too into base or just starting off, but you still want a little something. For as long as I’ve worked at Sephora, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer has been our  best selling tinted. It’s light weight and gives a beautiful natural finish, but still provides some coverage, and its available in oil-free and illuminating options.
  • BB Cream: “BB” means “beauty balm”, a concept that to my knowledge, started off in Korea. This is like your in-between: not quite a foundation, not quite a tinted moisturizer. It has a little bit of both and more! BB creams are kind of like foundations in that they can have a pretty decent sheer to medium coverage, depending on which you get, BUT they have TONS of skin care benefits. All are packed with hydration and SPF, but there’s tons that have other things like blemish fight properties, brightening agents, and more. Many also claim to be your “all in one”, because they have a primer integrated into their formula to give you that awesome staying power. These are lightweight and have a beautiful natural finish, with tons of different finishes tailored to what you need.
  • CC Cream: “CC” means “Color correcting”. Color correcting creams, are the sibling of BB creams. They are very very similar, with the added color correcting property. So what does that mean? Well, for starters, they have more coverage than a BB cream. Some, like the IT Cosmetics CC Cream can have an arguably full coverage (seriously I was shocked when I tried that one!), but sill feel super lightweight! The added coverage is because these are tailored to those with color correcting need (dark spots ect.), but ANYONE can wear these. They have the skincare benefits of a BB BUT they have an added color correcting property, usually in the form of Vitamin C, among other popular color correcting ingredients. It’s skincare and makeup in one, which sounds weird, but it works so well!
  • Foundation: This is our main show here! Foundation is really the most popular contender here. Foundation itself is so complex, because as we have explained in the previous  post there’s ton that goes into it! Liquid foundations have a huge variety of coverages and finishes. They’re mostly meant to provide coverage (to your liking), although many do have a few skincare benefits thrown in. Now they even have foundations that are literally pigment and water (with some other stuff too), but they give ultimate coverage without feeling heavy. Liquid foundation is so diverse, that’s why so many people take it as a staple in their makeup wardrobe.

Next we move onto cream foundation, which was really a dying breed up until recently in my opinion. Cream is that stuff you’ve probably seen your aunt or grandma using that comes in a compact, but upon further inspection you realize isn’t powder like you initially thought. To be fair, cream foundations have come a long way since your grandma’s compact. They’ve recently had a general upgrade, and they’ve become pretty remarkable, and a lot more diverse than they once were, giving tons of finishes for different skin types. Creams tend to give extra full coverage, although some are deceiving. As I’ve mentioned, they’ve come a long way since the typical heavy, arguably greasy, cream compacts. In fact they don’t just come in compacts, they come in stick form, for ultimate ease. You still have to blend a stick foundation, but you can literally just draw on your foundation, blend and go. Flawless full coverage in a stick. Or compact.

Powder, is one of those I have a hard time with, because powder can be for anyone. But I personally don’t think it should be. To each their own, as they say. Powder comes in many different ways, loose powder, pressed powder. And we’re speaking strictly in foundation powder here, because there’s TONS of types of powders that do different things. One of the main questions I get is “what’s the difference between normal powder and mineral powder?” and that’s kind of tough to answer because all makeup has minerals in it. Mineral makeup just has more than most, or is made of just minerals. It’s arguably better for the skin, although like with any type of makeup, it wont be better for everyone. Powder in all forms is very versatile in finish and coverage, they have anything from sheer to full. It can be used alone or on top of cream or liquids to give additional coverage. Powder is typically drier, though dry skin can wear it. If you have dry skin however, you have to use your skincare! Powder will cling to dryness, even the most hydrating powders. But they can be a great option if you want something quick and easy, that’s flexible in coverage, and is easy to carry around and touch up throughout the day. It’s definitely another staple makeup item!

Jeez, so much knowledge! And we haven’t even gotten to the most intense part: picking a color. That’s next! That, my dears, is what it really all comes down to. Picking the right shade! The most important, and most difficult part. But I promise I got your back! I’ll give you the details, so you don’t have to suffer the worry of having that lovely makeup line on your chin! See you guys soon!




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