New Segment: Unpopular Opinions, E.1


Hi beauties!

I’ve decided to start something new! Every few lessons, I want to start doing an “unpopular opinion” segment, in which I talk about a product that has been super praised and hyped on social media, that I have found to just not work very well, and oppositely, products that maybe makeup influencers just don’t care for, and I loved, or think would work well for others.

Let’s face it: a lot of times these beauty bloggers and influencers get paid or sponsored to give some products awesome reviews. And I both understand it, but disagree with it. On the other hand, these may be products they genuinely love that maybe just don’t work out for everyone. Either way, I wanted to give you guys my unpopular opinion about some of these products, and even trends, because maybe some of you find yourself having a similar thought…this works for everyone else, why not me???

To start off, I’d like to talk about one of the most raved about concealers on the market currently: Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer, better known just as Shape Tape.


I believe Shape Tape is only available at Ulta and the Tarte Cosmetics website and it retails for $25, which is pretty average for a higher end concealer. It comes with a rather large doe-foot applicator, and a pretty generous amount of product gets on the applicator when you dip in the tube and pull out. I’m going to link some of my favorite YouTube gurus below, using this concealer.

Which brings me to my first point. This concealer, COVERS. It has great coverage, as everyone claims it does. You’ll notice that most gurus apply with a beauty blender, and I did try it with a Beauty Blender, Real Techniques Sponge, and a concealer brush. The Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge definitely works best, as the consistency of is definitely thicker, but blendable. The finish of this concealer really threw me off, because when it dries, it dries matte. Now it does have Amazonian Clay, which would attribute to it being matte. But for a concealer that is claimed to be hydrating and is so heavily marketed for under eye, I was thrown off. Now, most beauty gurus reallyyyyyy pack this stuff on. Like PACK it on. That’s not really my style in all honesty, but for the sake of research, I tried it both packing on heavy, and my normal few swipes under the eye. This is where all my troubles began. The first thing I noticed was no matter how much I put on, when I blended it , some would come off, and I would be left with an empty patch where the concealer would just be missing. I would go over it again, with the same sponge and it would be fine again. This really mad blending my concealer a process, to say the least. I set it with some translucent powder (no baking here, just enough to set) and went on with my day. I will say it lasted relatively well, 6 hours give or take. But when it did start go, it WENT, creasing pretty badly. Another thing I noticed, was that although it has a matte finish, it does start to crease if you don’t set it. I leave my concealer hang out a little while I put mascara on (I have a weird order of putting my makeup on),  and it reallyyyy creased.

Overall it looked nice, heavier as the day went on. But what was my deciding factor for returning this concealer was the fact that it came off when I blended it out. I thought it was just my eye cream at first, but no matter how I tried it, it would just come off, and it started really being a hassle when blending. I tried putting less on, and that just made my foundation underneath come off as well. It just seemed too sticky, but it didn’t actually feel sticky.

I give Shape Tape 3 Stars out of 5. I think the idea is there, but the formula needs a little work.


So there ya have it! My first unpopular opinion. I hope I did ok! I definitely want to include pictures of application in the future, however with this particular product, I have returned it. I also want to open this up to you guys! If I review something and it doesn’t work for me but works for you, please give me your tips and tricks, I would love to try it again!

I hope you guys have an awesome week! I’ll be posting again later in the week, so stay tuned!


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