Unpopular Opinion E.2

Hey guys! Welcome to Unpopular Opinion 2! I hope your week is going by fantastically. Mine is a bit hectic, because apart from end of semester woes, I also can’t walk properly! That dang old sciatic nerve. I swear I turned 24, and a week later I’m decaying. But I shall limp and push through!

I decided to do another Unpopular Opinion because I was cleaning out my makeup storage, and I came across a bag of gratis that I so gratefully had received at work. First thing I see is the famous, and ever-so popular NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!


How I forgot I had this, I couldn’t tell you. This concealer is so hyped! It runs for $30, which is pretty high in my humble opinion. But I always say, if you’re going to invest, invest on things like foundation and concealer.

For this one I’m not going to include links to gurus that use this concealer because quite honestly, you could probably click on any video and it’ll come up in the video at some point. It truly is considered a holy grail on YouTube.

So this “review” is a little different than the last, because not only have I used this on myself, I have used this concealer on many people while working at Sephora. I think that gives me a little more perspective. Let’s start with my experience using this on myself: I HATE it. You know, hate is a pretty strong word, but having used this 3 days, I just can’t think of another word. My biggest concern here is creasing, and boyyyy does this crease. First though, let’s talk formula. True to it’s name, this concealer is very creamy, very hydrating, definitely and under-eye only, although YouTube has said its ok to use for everything…don’t agree there. It is definitely easy to blend with both a sponge or brush. Coverage, I would say this really doesn’t go beyond a medium, despite claims it’s super full coverage.

As far as application: On myself, this creased like there was no tomorrow. To the point that my roommate stopped me while getting on the bus and was shocked because my under-eye was that bad. This literally dove into my little 24 year old wrinkles. I figured it was my eye cream, because sometimes eye-cream can have a huge impact on concealer performance. So the next day, I went with no eye-cream, only to have the same results. Third day, I changed the eye cream to something less hydrating, and alas, I remained a crease. It is important to note, all three days I set it with an appropriate amount of power, very quickly after applying. Coverage wise, I was pretty content with it, but really the coverage didn’t matter because it all sank into my wrinkles.

Now, on the other hand, as I mentioned I have used this on so many people at Sephora!. When something is this hyped, everyone looks for it. I don’t care to use it on clients when I’m doing makeup for an event, as I find the same thing happens: heavy, heavy creasing. It doesn’t happen right away, but it definitely does happen. Now on the other hand, I have clients who swear by it and claim it’s the bet thing since sliced bread, and it never creases, and it stays all day. SO, maybe it’s my application, maybe its how I blend.It could be a plethora of things, but this one is definitely a no for me.

Let me know how you guys feel about the Radiant Creamy! If you have any tips or tricks, I am more than happy to try them and even revisit some of these review if I find something that ends up working! It’s all about helping each other master this art called makeup, after all!

I hope you guys enjoyed and found this a little helpful. Definitely don’t discard a product based on my opinion, as I always say, what works for me may not for you, and vice versa. This is all in good spirits!

Have a lovely night guys!


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