IMG_2398Hi guys!

Welcome to this little space!

I am so excited to give you guys a bit of a more in-depth look at the wonderfully popular world of makeup…we’re going back to the basics here!

As a loyal Sephora Certified Makeup Artist (pictured right, in my awesome uniform) for 5 years (they call me a lifer now), I have spent lots of time getting to know clients needs. When people come to me for makeup advice, a shocking majority of clients really just want to learn the basics, but in depth. I have a limited amount of time with people in store, so I thought, “Why not give a more in depth one-on-one on a blog?” So here we are!

A promise I’d like to make you all: I promise first and foremost to be HONEST and UNBIASED with my posts! Although I work at a specific beauty store does NOT mean that is the only place I’ll be basing my recommendations. I understand that this is a major key to giving the best to my audience…you!

I hope my experience, and ongoing work can help me answer your questions about makeup. We’re going back to the basics and beyond here!

I look to exploring out shades of beauty!